5-43In particular, the law firm operates in the following areas: acquisition of loans, project finance, capital markets and general advice on banking and finance law as well as the law on financial services. Besides, we also provide advice in relation to loan agreements, syndicated loans, issuance of guarantees and other financial operations.

We take into account the current and future legal developments in the field of the European Banking Union, in particular the supervisory and control rights of the ECB on national credit institutions. The accurate monitoring of the implementation acts in the various banking systems allows us to offer consulting services at a high level in this area.

Furthermore, the law firm offers its services for court proceedings between banking institutions and their customers, with particular reference to:

  • The capitalization of interests and the prohibition of compound interests;
  • Usury;
  • Disputes concerning the legitimacy of banking transactions in the case of representation, successions by death and separation or divorce.