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The law firm was founded by Avv. Francesco Paolo Patti in 1947 and is run by PROF. AVV. SALVATORE PATTI since 1988. Thanks to the collaboration of a couple of ordinary professors of law and about 15 lawyers, some of them admitted to practice both in Italy and Germany, the law firm offers services on a high-end level. The professors and several lawyers working for the law firm are also authorized to appear in the highest Italian courts.

The law firm of PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwälte is engaged in the most important areas of civil and commercial law. For more than six decades, we have been successful in offering our services for both large international enterprises as well as SMEs and private individuals in equal measure. In each of the AREAS OF PRACTICE the law firm works on a cross-border level, particularly in the legal relationships between Italy and Germany relying on the experience of its expert lawyers in Italian, German and international law.


Our aim is to support clients in an innovative and professional manner by formulating customized legal solutions, also taking into account economic and fiscal aspects. Furthermore, some members of the firm have had many years of experience, also as judges, in national and international arbitration processes.

PROF. AVV. SALVATORE PATTI is one of the Italian lawyers who have been at most dedicating their focus on Italian – German legal relationships, either on a scientific or on a professional basis. This is evidenced, among other things, by the conferment of the Cross of the Order of Merit, First Class, of the Federal Republic of Germany.

PROF. FRANCESCO PAOLO PATTI, who has a particular expertise in domestic and international contract law and in cross-border inheritance cases, manages our office in Milan.

Our MUNICH OFFICE is managed by DR. VALERIE MORO, a lawyer qualified in Italy and Germany.



The headquarters of the law firm are located in ROME in front of the Corte di Cassazione, the Italian High Court. In MILAN we have an office in the historic centre of the city near the Cathedral, while our German office can be found on Maximilianstraße in MUNICH.

PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwälte is working with a wide network of correspondent lawyers and firms in order to offer assistance on a global level.


Areas of Practice

Our lawyers are always on hand to answer any of your questions concerning commercial and contract law. Examples of this are the setting up of agency and sales agreements and the drawing up of general terms and…READ MORE

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Our lawyers are always on hand to answer any of your questions concerning commercial and contract law. Examples of this are the setting up of agency and sales agreements and the drawingup of general… READ MORE

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Office Rome

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Office Milan

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Office Munich

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